• Voting for the Federal Election will take place on July 12, 2016. (AAP)Source: AAP
Treaty, constitutional recognition, education and invasion day are just some of the issues that have been put on the agenda ahead of the July 2 vote. Find out more here.
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Who are the Indigenous candidates?

Click here to read what each of the candidates stands for.

Live blog: D-day for Indigenous election candidates
NITV's bringing you full coverage of the election throughout the day.

Where are the Indigenous votes?

Five seats where your vote will count
Just over half of Australia’s First Peoples are enrolled to vote. A new campaign is out to increase that figure, and proves that the Indigenous vote does count.

The issues

Election 2016: Liberal and Labor spend big on Indigenous rangers and entrepreneurs
WEEK 3 | Over $300 million has been promised for Indigenous affairs by the major parties today.

Election 2016: Tanya Plibersek has failed Indigenous people in Sydney, says new Lib candidate
The Liberal Party has a new Indigenous, gay candidate going head-to-head against Tanya Plibersek in the New South Wales' seat of Sydney.

Election 2016: Labor unveils 400 scholarships for Indigenous teachers
Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has launched his election campaign with a policy to increase the number of Indigenous teachers.

Election 2016: Redfern Statement sends strong warning to next federal government
A coalition of Indigenous leaders have sent a signed statement, called the Redfern Statement, to all major parties with a vision for Indigenous affairs for the next parliament, in what they say has been a lacklustre election for Indigenous issues so far.

Election 2016: Did the PM commit to a 2017 recognition referendum?
Malcolm Turnbull says referendum and gay marriage plebiscite can both happen next year.

Election 2016: PM talks 'invasion' and closes door on treaty
As Labor opens the door to treaty, Malcolm Turnbull argues for keeping the focus on constitutional recognition.

Federal election 2016: Calls for government to double funding for Indigenous rangers
Calls for the Prime Minister to not abandon program that's successfully keeping Indigenous people in jobs and helping to protect the environment.

Election 2016: Labor pledges $100m spend on electorates with high numbers of Aboriginal students
Will Indigenous students really be better off under a Labor government? The Point follows the education money trail.

An Indigenous political party 'certainly could' happen
Australia could form an Indigenous political party as the number of politicians grows, says political expert Sarah Maddison.

Election 2016: Longest running Kenbi land claim a 'bittersweet' handover
Prime Minister takes part in symbolic hand back of over 500 square kilometres of land near Darwin to traditional owners.