• Newly elected NT Chief Minister, Labor's Michael Gunner (right), greets party faithful at his victory party in Darwin, Saturday Aug. 27, 2016. (AAP Image/Neda Vanovac)Source: AAP Image/Neda Vanovac
The Northern Territory’s new Labor Cabinet was unveiled on Sunday, revealing that 60 per cent of the new ministers are women.
Madeline Hayman-Reber

12 Sep 2016 - 1:14 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2016 - 1:14 PM

Newly elected members Member for Arnham Selena Uibo and Member for Namatjira Chansey Paech have also both been selected as Assistant ministers for Aboriginal Affairs.

In a statement, new Chief Minister Michael Gunner said that he hopes the diverse new Cabinet will restore trust in Government.

“This Labor Cabinet mirrors the diversity, aspirations and life experience of Territorians and is a watershed in Australian political history with over 60 per cent of Cabinet positions now held by women,” he said.

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“The Labor team will immediately get down to business by implementing our election commitments and governing for all Territorians.”

The Chief Minister himself has secured the portfolios of Police, Fire and Emergency Services, Aboriginal Affairs, Trade, Business and Innovation.

Mr Gunner will co-chair the Aboriginal Affairs sub-committee with Assistant Ministers for Aboriginal Affairs Selena Uibo and Chansey Paech who made headlines last week for being Australia’s first gay and Indigenous Parliamentarian.

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“All bush and Indigenous MLAs will sit on the sub-committee, as will senior Indigenous leaders from across the Territory,” he said.

“This will ensure Indigenous Territorians have a permanent voice in Labor’s Cabinet.”

Mr Gunner said that there are three main areas of focus for the subcommittee;

-       Delivering Labor’s plans to guarantee local decision making, including housing, local government, education, health, youth justice and community safety.

-       Ensuring land and sea ownership delivers on the economic and social aspirations of Indigenous Territorians.

-       Progressing public discussion about a treaty with Indigenous Territorians.

Other areas of focus for the new Government include delivering the agenda that Territorians endorsed in August, looking after Territory children, and job creation.


New NT Cabinet

Deputy Chief Minister Nicole Manison MLA is the Treasurer, Minister for Infrastructure, Planning and Logistics, and Minister for Children.

Natasha Fyles MLA is the Attorney General and Minister for Justice, Minister for Health and the Leader of Government Business.

Gerry McCarthy MLA is Minister for Housing and Community Development, taking responsibility for Essential Services, and the Minister for Public Employment.

Ken Vowles MLA is Minister for Primary Industry and Resources.

Lauren Moss MLA is the Minister for Environment and Natural Resources, Minister for Tourism and Culture and the Minister for Corporate Information Services.

Eva Lawler MLA is the Minister for Education.

Dale Wakefield MLA is the Minister for Territory Families.

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