• Advocates are calling on the WA Govt to reject a bill which would require only one family member be consulted before a child is taken away. (AAP)Source: AAP
Professor Fiona Stanley has questioned the idea of another summit on Indigenous suicide, highlighting the lack of action from the recommendations of previous inquiries.
4 Oct 2016 - 10:29 AM  UPDATED 4 Oct 2016 - 10:50 AM

Former Australian of the Year Fiona Stanley questioned the axing of funding for 70 Aboriginal-controlled early childhood intervention services at the same time a royal commission was being held into the Northern Territory's youth detention system.

"Now why am I worried about that? Pathways into suicide start in early childhood," she said.

"I query whether we need any more talkfests, or royal commissions or other reports," the child health expert told the ABC.

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull has asked Health Minister Sussan Ley to host a summit on the issue in the Kimberley in northern Western Australia and a coronial inquest into the issue has been planned.

Ms Ley's office confirmed a roundtable discussion would be held in Broome in coming weeks about its plan for a suicide prevention trial site in the Kimberley.

"The government is serious about a call to action on suicide, which is why as part of our commitment to improve mental health and reduce suicide rates," minister Ley's spokeswoman said.

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