• One Nation Pilbara candidate David Archibald is under fire for controversial comments about single mothers. (Youtube)Source: Youtube
One Nation Pilbara WA electoral candidate David Archibald has been called to stand down after controversial comments about single mothers in a Quadrant essay came to light.
Emily Nicol

1 Feb 2017 - 3:14 PM  UPDATED 1 Feb 2017 - 3:23 PM

Archibald, who claims to be 'part-Aboriginal' and denies the Stolen Generations as a myth, has offended many over the statements about defunding 'lifestyle choices', the disabled and single mothers stating, "These are women too lazy to attract and hold a mate, undoing the work of possibly three million years of evolutionary pressure. This will result in a rapid rise in the portion of the population that is lazy and ugly."

Federal Labor frontbencher Anthony Albanese, himself raised by a single mother, has led the call for Archibald to stand down.

Speaking to the ABC, Albanese, who is currently campaigning in Perth, stated that Archibald's views were archaic. "The idea that if you have a single mother then somehow you're less of a human being really belongs way back in the dark ages and I find it incredibly offensive," Mr Albanese said.

"I had an enormous amount of love and I have nothing but respect for my late mum, and I regard his comments as incredibly personally offensive but more importantly offensive towards all those single parents out there."


In the past week, the One Nation party made a swift change to their WA Pilbara electorate candidate, replacing nurse Andrea Randle from the running with geologist and climate change sceptic Archibald who is opposed to a mining tax hike to save jobs.

Amidst the calls for Archibald to stand down, Western Australia’s One Nation leader Colin Tincknell told The Australian that he believed that Archibald's essay comments were "tongue in cheek" and that he would not be dropped for making them. “We want our politicians too politically correct ... It’s not the end of David,” Mr Tincknell said.

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