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The family of Rosalie Kunoth-Monks have paid tribute to the Arrernte and Anmatjere woman who dedicated her life to the fight for Aboriginal justice and equality.
Groote Eylandt is home to more than three thousand people and is facing the prospect of a category two cyclone and a COVID outbreak.
When the COVID-19 virus began its relentless march through the Northern Territory the Australian Defence Force was called up to help halt its advance, among the...
The CEO of the Aboriginal Health Service in Tennant Creek says today's decision should have happened after positive waste water was detected last Sunday .
For all his humble demeanour and intense shyness, Percy Hobson’s sporting career and achievements are more than worthy of attention.
Western Australia is ramping up its efforts to stop isolation breaches and keep the community safe during the COVID pandemic.
Aboriginal legal advocates have called for a revamp of investigations into police misconduct in Western Australia, including police no longer investigating...

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The newspaper's editor-in-chief Anthony De Ceglie apologised for 'any hurt' caused by the racist cartoon strip while announcing that it will be dropped from...
A character in a comic strip published in Monday's newspaper used a racial slur to describe an Aboriginal character.
The WA government passes new laws which will increase protections for victims of family and domestic violence and ensure that perpetrators are held accountable.
Tjiwarl TO's say they have lost significant cultural sites that formed part of rituals, custom and the dreaming through the destruction and damage to land caused...
A human rights expert says WA police misused force during an incident in 2018 that involved a handcuffed Indigenous teen being slammed to the ground. ...
A peaceful protest was held in Geraldton the day after the Western Australian government passed reforms to the state’s fine default laws, a change prompted by the...
A number of advocates welcome the state's fine default reform bill, but say the next step is to have fines income-tested.
Rio Tinto's head of iron ore says the company is actually "very sorry" despite reports he previously told employees the company hadn't technically apologised for...
The WA fine default law reform bill passed through the state parliament's upper house overnight and the McGowan government hopes the amendments will contribute to...
Rio Tinto chief executive Chris Sailsbury tells employees that the mining giant was actually not apologising for destroying 46,000-year-old Aboriginal rock...
Advocates who visited Bandyup Women’s Prison on Monday believe an incident did occur between the female inmate and a prison guard.
In the past eight months, while waiting for the introduction of Western Australia’s fine default reforms bill, people have been locked up more than 200 times for...
Reconciliation Australia suspends Rio Tinto recognition as protestors deliver letter demanding resignations and immediate changes to the Aboriginal heritage act...
The Department of Justice responds to claims of 'body slam' incident in WA women's prison.
A female Aboriginal inmate is in a critical condition following unconfirmed reports of a prison guard "body-slamming" the inmate at a Perth prison.
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The PM and opposition leader have pledges to cooperate with each other and with their Indigenous colleagues to bring about constitutional recognition.
The winning artwork refers to the first contact between Indigenous Australians and James Cook.
Thirty three per cent of the Northern Territory's Indigenous people are not enrolled to vote. Will that change?
The WA budget also focuses on Aboriginal health, mental health services, Ranger programs, protecting Murujuga, tackling domestic violence and suicide prevention.
The women feared imprisonment because Western Australia jails people for unpaid fines.
An Indigenous peak health body says health practitioners in a remote community haven’t been adequately trained to advise patients on opting out of My Health Record.
Police end a major disturbance at Darwin's notorious Don Dale Youth Detention Centre, defending the use of tear gas despite being in breach of royal commission...
Federal funding for remote housing expired in June with no new agreement signed.
Tony Abbott’s first visit to remote communities as special envoy of Indigenous affairs has been met with fierce opposition.
The former Vice Chief of the Defence Force will come out of retirement to lead the federal Department of Indigneous Affairs.
Supporters wanted an upfront payment of $3.2 million for the girl who was left incapacitated by a massive electrical shock.
With the families calling for answers about the police pursuit, Indigenous leaders say the inquest into the deaths of two teenagers should happen soon.