• File image of Commissioner Mick Gooda and Commissioner Margaret White during their tour of the former Don Dale Youth Detention facilities in the NT. (AAP Image/News Corp Pool, Elise Derwin)Source: AAP Image/News Corp Pool, Elise Derwin
On Friday, the NT royal commission into youth detention heard from a panel of former Don Dale guards who detailed appalling conditions for detainees.
24 Mar 2017 - 4:54 PM  UPDATED 24 Mar 2017 - 4:54 PM

Mr Harmer said officers on a power trip regularly swore at kids, calling them "oxygen thieves", "camp dogs" and racial slurs like "black poofter".

Guards screened graphically violent movies, including ‘Grand Theft Auto’ for the kids, many of whom were in detention for stealing cars.

Girl inmates who couldn't keep sanitary items in their cells were too embarrassed to ask male staff for tampons.

"Deliriously tired" staff sometimes fell asleep on the job, after being forced to do back to back double shifts, which were physically and emotionally exhausting.

Gunner 'unaware' of incident that left a Don Dale teen inmate hospitalised
Northern Territory Chief Minister Michael Gunner fronted the royal commission today and questioned its ability to make detailed findings, with the same level of scrutiny as a court would.
Don Dale was 'spiralling out of control'
The Northern Territory juvenile justice royal commission has heard Don Dale Staff were untrained to deal with emergency situations.

Some 95 per cent of inmates were Indigenous, yet there was supremely limited cultural competence training for the mostly white guards, and the Elders visiting program rarely occurred.

"We had an Aboriginal, not a full blood Aboriginal but a half caste person, come in and conduct an awareness program... for one day," Mr Harmer said.

Former guard Eliza Tobin recalled a pregnant girl from a remote Indigenous community who was doing time for murder and barely spoke English.

"She was thrown in the mix with all these Darwin urban girls who don't speak any language... whereas this girl had come from hunting, fishing, gathering... it was, with me being white, difficult," Ms Tobin said.

Former Don Dale staffer instructed detainee to eat faeces on camera, then posted film to social media
A series of videos shown at today’s Royal Commission into the Protection and Detention of Children in the Northern Territory appears to show certain staff were routinely involved in inappropriate behaviour with detainees.
I wasn't told what was happening at Don Dale, claims Ex NT corrections minister
The Former Minister for NT Corrections during the time much of the strip searching and inappropriate use of restraints or restraint tools took place.