• IHHP Halls Creek, "Save the Water (Ngaba)" (Youtube Video)Source: Youtube Video
To ensure their message stays afloat, the kids from Halls Creek have turned to music to spread their message. The remote Kimberly community is amongst one the highest water using towns in Western Australia.
Rangi Hirini

3 May 2017 - 3:38 PM  UPDATED 3 May 2017 - 3:42 PM

A group of young kids in the Kimberley have used music to help combat wasteful water use in their remote town.

The people of Jaru, Kija, Kukatja, Walmajarri, Gooniyandi and other Indigenous groups live in the Shire of Halls Creek, located 200 kilometers west of the Northern Territory boarder.

Around 30 kids from Halls Creek came together with the help of Indigenous Hip Hop Projects (IHHP) to produce the music video, "Save the Water (Ngaba)".

IHHP founder and music video director, Dion Brownfield, told NITV News it was locals who asked IHHP to produce a video for them.

“They saw that the power of music and song and dance as a powerful form of storytelling,” he said.

He believes one of the issues in Halls Creek is people have longer showers to stay cool during the hot seasons. However, Mr Brownfield says it’s something we should be mindful of, regardless of where we live. 

“This is not just an issue for Halls Creek. This is an issue of the entire country. It’s one of the single biggest issues in Australia. Water is a commodity, there’s price tags with it… we’re living in the driest content on earth, we need to respect nature.”

The 4 minute music video showcases the beautiful scenery of the remote Kimberly town with local Aboriginal kids being the voice of the message.

“The girls, they really stepped up with melody. It gives it more like and makes it really captive. They stepped up this time and put more singing and melody to it,” Mr Brownfield says.

The Acting North West Regional Manager for Water Corporation, Stuart Dyson, said the lyrics reflected the importance of water in Western Australia.  

“During the hip hop project, young people were asked to reflect on their connection with water physically and culturally,” Mr Dyson said.

“We are very proud to be part of a project that celebrates the diversity of our communities and empowers the next generation to inform others about the importance of water conservation.”

Mr Brownfield also applauded the young people of Halls Creek and said the whole town is very proud of them.

“When you give young Indigenous people a voice and give them the opportunity, they can create international knowledge.”

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