• Clinton and his girlfriend will be taking the next few weeks off to relax after this journey across the country. (CLINTON'S WALK FOR JUSTICE)Source: CLINTON'S WALK FOR JUSTICE
Not only will Clinton Pryor return to Perth as a local hero but he’ll also take someone special home too.
Rangi Hirini

5 Sep 2017 - 4:11 PM  UPDATED 6 Sep 2017 - 1:46 PM

Clinton Pryor set out his journey across the country with a mission to bring more awareness to Indigenous issues.

He’s the only person in Australian history to walk across the country to meet the Prime Minister.

Speaking with NITV News, he said he has seen the hardship many Indigenous and non- Indigenous people face.

“What it [the walk] made me understand more, is that there’s more work that needs to be done in this country.”

He also said it’s time for Australia to stop “living a lie” and move forward with truth and justice.

Unexpected Love

Clinton travelled to Uluru and also made pit stops at Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney but the most life changing stop would be in Port Augusta where he met the woman who he now calls his “wife”.

Kerry-Lee Coulthard from Port Augusta said she didn’t know who Clinton was before they met. 

“A man from my town picked him up when they broke down on the side of the road,” she said.

“I was hanging my clothes on the line and he was standing out the back door next to me, I didn’t really know he was there until about 10 minutes later when he decided to say hello to me.”

Soon after the pair met, Kerry-Lee decided to join Clinton on his journey.

“I did about four or five days of walking and it was very painful on the first day and by the third or fourth day I was alright.”

Clinton describes his girlfriend as “passionate” when it comes to homelessness and animal rights. He said their common interest in making a change is what he loves most about her.

“That feeling of knowing you made the right decision and met a beautiful woman,” he told NITV News.

Kerry- Lee said she’s so proud of her man and was really emotional when they reached the tent embassy in Canberra.

Decade long promise

Bringing awareness to Indigenous issues wasn’t Clinton’s only motivation to keep going.

A promise he made 11 years ago to his father, also kept the Spirit Walker moving.

At 16 years old, Clinton lost his dad and described it as the “hardest part” of his life.

The final leg of his journey also fell on Father’s Day and it was a special moment for him.

“I promised him three things: fighting for my people, fight to keep my culture alive and protecting my family,” he said.

“And to be here today on Father’s Day, I kept my promise to my father.”

He said he knows his parents would be very proud of him and hopes his walk will inspire others.

“My dad would be telling me that the job is not finished yet, the big game starts on Tuesday and Wednesday.”

Clinton is set to meet with a variety of politicians over the week. It’s yet to be confirmed if the Prime Minister will be meeting with him.

Clinton Pryor meets with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten
The Spirit Walker has met with Opposition Leader Bill Shorten and other Labor MPs after his 11-month walk across the country for Indigenous justice.
Clinton Pryor finishes year-long walk for Aboriginal justice
Clinton Pryor took the first steps of his walk for justice in Perth last September, and one year later has taken the final steps at the Aboriginal Tent Embassy in Canberra.
Spirit walker, Clinton Pryor reaches Redfern on his walk for justice
Clinton Pryor is the man walking for justice and he has arrived in Sydney's suburb of Redfern to meet, greet and empower Aboriginal Australians in a fight for justice.