• Gina Williams and Guy Ghouse are set to release their second album together at Perth Fringe Festival (Suppied )Source: Suppied
Gina Williams is a proud Aboriginal woman and musician who is the current Aboriginal West Australia of the Year, and now she’s set to release her new album Bindi Bindi at Perth Fringe Festival.
Rangi Hirini

19 Feb 2018 - 8:57 AM  UPDATED 19 Feb 2018 - 8:57 AM

Less than a decade ago, Gina Williams started learning Noongar language, the Aboriginal language for First Nations people of the south-west of Western Australia.

She previously revealed she was embarrassed and ashamed that as a Noongar person, she had to go to school in order to learn her own language.

However, now almost 10 years later Williams is honoured to be one of the few Noongar speakers left her community.

“I’m fiercely proud. I think it’s the most beautiful language on the planet,” she told NITV News.

Bindi Bindi, meaning Butterfly in Nongar language, is William’s sophomore album following her critically acclaimed debut album, Kalyakoorl meaning forever.

The five time WA Music Industry (WAMi) Awards winner will release her new album at her one night only, sold out Perth Fringe Festival appearance.

“The idea that we get to perform at fringe, and launch an album in language on home country, in one of the most beautiful spaces on the planet, I feel very happy and excited about that,” she said.

It’s been estimated less than 400 Noongar speakers are left.

The album, which is all in Noongar language, is set to take listeners on a journey underpinned by the principles of heart, family, land and legacy.

Williams said that it’s hard for her to pick just one of the ten tracks which is her favourite, however she did say the title track, Bindi Bindi does have a special meaning behind it.

“I think our language (Noongar language) was reduced to a whisper, like a bindi bindi (butterfly) being hunted down but it’s not dead, it’s sleeping and now that it’s waking up, it’s waking up transformed and we’re looking at it in a different way and looking at it and saying how beautiful is that. So that’s kind of the parallel with the song and I guess that’s what I’m most excited about,” she said.

Williams and her musical partner, Guy Ghouse are set to tour parts of the country and perform her album to audiences all over the nation.