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The family of murdered South Sudanese woman Laa Daniel Chol have requested NITV to share the following statement ahead of her funeral. They are also requesting the media to respect their privacy.
3 Aug 2018 - 10:22 PM  UPDATED 4 Aug 2018 - 11:21 AM

COMMUNITY ANNOUNCEMENT: NITV News has been asked to share the following statement by the family of Laa Chol ahead of her funeral. The family pleas the media and the general public respect their privacy at this deeply painful time.

Please respect our family's privacy,

Miss Laa Daniel Chol was a loved and precious member of our family.

We have lost a beautiful young woman, who loved her family and was an active member of her community. We will continue to miss Laa and the joy she brought to all our lives.

Since this tragedy the family of Mr Daniel Chol, Laa’s father, choose to mourn in private. We will be laying Laa to rest soon.

Laa’s funeral is a private funeral and the family does not invite any media outlets and will not be making any comments.

We have previously urged, and continue to urge, media outlets to respect our privacy at this difficult and critical time.

It is with sadness that we have watched the tragic death of our precious daughter be used for political agendas and media commercial interests.

We believe that all Australians understand the need for a family to grieve and to mourn their loss in peace and dignity.

We urge all commentators to please stop tormenting us by running commentaries on Laa’s death.

We wish to emphasise the family has not authorised anyone to comment to the media or make comment on the case on their behalf.

What matters to us at the moment is laying Laa’s body to rest.

Should anyone make comments, we make it clear that they are not authorised by the family. Our privacy matters.

Finally, we the family, appreciate the support from the many different communities we have received. We thank everyone who has donated to Laa’s fundraising, both online and at the South Sudanese community level.

We thank all Australians for their support and encouragement.

- Family representative, Yohannes Mojwok