• Nick Cummins and Brooke Blurton meet for the first time on The Bachelor. (Network Ten)Source: Network Ten
Before she became the show’s first Indigenous contestant Brooke Blurton won a very different kind of competition.
Rangi Hirini

The Point
27 Sep 2018 - 1:33 PM  UPDATED 27 Sep 2018 - 5:04 PM

She made her entrance on The Bachelor with two footballs tucked under her arm and claimed not to know anything about the star of the show – former Wallabies winger Nick Cummins.

“So what do you do?” Brooke Blurton asked, before showing the ‘Honey Badger’ how to throw a ball.

Since then, the Perth youth worker has won thousands of fans, spoken proudly about her Aboriginal heritage, talked about her difficult family life and revealed that she has previously had romantic relationships with two women.

But before she became a household name looking for love on reality TV, Ms Blurton spent her downtime focused on a unique rugby league competition for an all-Indigenous women’s team.

Her team were undefeated in the inaugural NRL WA Harmony Cup last year, and hope to successfully defend their title in October.

“It’s kind of a new comp for me, so being a part of it is actually a massive thing,” Ms Blurton told NITV’s The Point.

“It’s celebrating multicultural rugby league and I think that’s absolutely beautiful that we get to celebrate other cultures and we get to see and [play] other teams that have come from different cultures too.”


Tilman Lowe, who plays for the Indigenous men’s side, said he was proud to present his culture on the rugby pitch - especially in a state where AFL has the bigger following.

“It’s a game where we’re allowed to express ourselves and show freedom in the way that we can create and come together and work together as a team,” he said.

“It's gonna be an amazing thing going forward into the future and the Harmony 9s is just the beginning for us with rugby league in WA."

It’s a sentiment echoed by one of Mr Lowe’s teammates, Ashley Sailor.

“I love my culture more than anything else, just representing the indigenous side has been really, really good to be a part of to show my culture and to show my heritage,” he said.

Meanwhile, Ms Blurton’s future beyond The Bachelor remains uncertain but rugby league looks likely to remain a lifelong passion.

“I think in any sport there is a culture there but I think when you’re playing alongside other Aboriginal girls or other Aboriginal boys it makes it a much more enjoyable game,” she said.

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