• Traditional dancing is on show during NAIDOC Week 2016. (Jamie Squire /Allsport) (Supplied)Source: Supplied
NITV will be keeping you up-to-date with what's happening around the country during NAIDOC Week. Check in throughout the day for the latest news, photos, videos and info.
Ella Archibald-Binge

8 Jul 2016 - 9:06 AM  UPDATED 8 Jul 2016 - 9:06 AM


Well, that's a wrap for our NAIDOC 2016 blog!

But, of course, the action continues with the NAIDOC Awards tonight and a stack of events over the weekend. 

Be sure to watch NITV News, coming to you from Darwin at 7.20pm, before our TV coverage of the NAIDOC Awards Ceremony at 8.30pm

We'll also be tweeting the latest updates from @NITV, and you'll find me on Twitter @EllaMareeAB.

Happy NAIDOC Week and thanks for reading!



More action from today's NAIDOC march in Melbourne. Similarly to Darwin, veteran activist Robbie Thorpe says it's one of the biggest turnouts he's seen since 1970.

"It's a good time to be standing up strong for what we've always believed in," he told SBS.

"It's about recognition. It's about sorting some issues of justice for Aboriginal people and bringing that to light. 

"I think we've always used the week for that purpose, to say 'we do exist, and we've got some issues here'."

Staying in Melbourne, Seed Indigenous Youth Climate Network posted this video of kids keeping culture strong in the heart of the city.

And on the topic of keeping culture alive in urban Australia, take a look at this article about being a traditional land owner in a modern world

Justice Nelson grew up on Jaara country in central Victoria before moving to Melbourne in her late 20s. She writes:

'Coming from the bush setting to a fast-paced city lifestyle was really difficult. I had moments where I just wanted to run home. I wasn't so much missing people – I was missing my country.' 



Here's another stunning pic shared on social media - this time from last night's celebrations in Katherine, NT. 

For a round-up of some of the best NAIDOC photos going around, have a look at BuzzFeed reporter Allan Clarke's latest article: 23 beautiful instagram posts of Australia celebrating the world's oldest living culture



Yesterday I wrote about the importance of Indigenous languages, which have been a key thread throughout this year's NAIDOC Week. 

I've just come across this campaign to save the Miriwoong language, spoken in the lands surrounding the remote WA town of Kununurra

The Miriwoong language is on the brink of extinction, with only 12 fluent speakers remaining, all of them elderly and frail, as explained in this video by the Mirima Dawang Woorlab-Gerring Language & Culture Centre:

The cultural centre is aiming to raise $10,000 to fund a video series project to keep the language alive. You can donate here



Why do you march during NAIDOC Week?

Thousands joined today's NAIDOC marches in Darwin, in what organisers say is the biggest turnout in living memory. NITV asked some of the marchers why they take to the streets - here are some of their responses:

With protest marches around Australia, now might be a good time to revisit the roots of NAIDOC Week, which began as a Day of Mourning. 

Have a read of this timeline, exploring the steps taken to get us where we are today. 



Here's some lunch time listening for you.

Robbie Miller, a young Indigenous artist from Queensland, covered Odesza's 'Say My Name' for Triple J's Like A Version this morning.




More great material rolling in from marches across the country. Huge turnouts, and recurring themes seem to be land rights and treaty, with a familiar chant ringing out in Bundaberg and Brisbane.



Let's flash back to a lovely community event that happened up in Queensland earlier this week. 

Almost 90 years ago, hundreds of Aboriginal families were forced out of their homes in the name of development. Most were forced to walk - many barefooted - more than 200 kilometres from Taroom to a new settlement at Woorabinda.

Many died on the eight-day trek. More than 50 tribes were crowded together in harsh conditions in the new settlement.

Aunty Ivy Booth, then seven, was among them. 

This year, the Darumbul community has re-enacted the trek to coincide with NAIDOC week.

Aunty Ivy, now 97 and the last survivor of the original journey, met them at the end. 

Walker Annette Dudley describes the final steps:

'It was really emotional when we were met by Aunty Ivy at the crossroads. It’s hard to describe retracing steps and reliving history and meeting the last survivor. We walked to the cemetery and had a minute's silence in a healing circle before the Corroboree.'

Read the full story here



Time to check in on some events around the country...

The host city of Darwin has seen a strong turnout for its NAIDOC march:

A strong showing too at Melbourne's march (thanks to Charles Pakana for sending through these pics):

Meanwhile, League Nation Live presenter Jodan Perry is at Brisbane's Musgrave Park, where the crowd is starting to roll in and the Sunshine State is definitely living up to its name. 

Head in and say g'day to Jodan and League Nation Live team (word is they're giving away free LNL shirts!).



Touching base with NITV News presenter Natalie Ahmat in the Top End now, where Darwin's NAIDOC march is underway. 

A little story about Raintree Park where the march will end... 

Nat says it's a special place for her, as her grandfather, John Ahmat, planted the two big Raintrees, which give the park its name.

We'll keep checking in with Nat throughout the day, and don't forget you can always see what she's up to on Twitter @nat_ahmat.



Wow, what a performance from The Koomurri Aboriginal Dancers at Penrith's Westfield shopping centre last night. 

Westfield has more events at their Eastgardens, Penrith, Doncaster & Carousel centres today and over the weekend. Head to the website and find your local shopping centre for details. 




Before I get too carried away with today's events, I have to mention that the season final of ABC's Cleverman aired last night, with social media users still struggling to recover:

The show was created by Ryan Griffen, who wanted an on-screen Aboriginal superhero for his son. Last month, I was lucky enough to meet Ryan along with lead actor Hunter Page-Lochard, who says the role is everything he'd dreamed of as a kid

And there may be more Aboriginal heroes than you realise, as shown by this article on five war heroes you didn't learn about in school.

Cleverman is inspired by ancient Aboriginal dreaming stories (timely given NAIDOC's songlines theme). You can hear some of these stories, as told by cast and crew members to Triple J Breakfast.

Oh and if you've missed out on the series, you can catch up on every episode here



Happy Friday everyone! The last day of the working week and the final day of our live NAIDOC blog. 

It's been a huge week so far, but today promises to be even bigger, with some massive events planned:

  • Brisbane's free Family Fun Day will be held in Musgrave Park from 9am (they're marking 25 years of celebrating NAIDOC, so it's sure to be a big one!)

  • In Sydney, another rainy day won't stop the NAIDOC Family Sports Day at the National Centre of Indigenous Excellence (NCIE) in Redfern from 10am - 4pm, featuring live entertainment, a talent quest, kids' workshops, a free massage and lunch for the elders and free flu shots 

  • There'll be NAIDOC marches across the country, including these events in Alice Springs and Adelaide to name a few

  • Of course, one of the biggest highlights on this week's calendar is the NAIDOC Awards Cermony, held from 6pm tonight in the host city of Darwin, and co-hosted by actor Luke Carroll and NITV's own Hannah Hollis. Unsurprisingly, tickets have sold out - but don't worry, NITV has you covered! More details on our coverage a bit later... 

  • Today also marks National Hoodie Day, a fundraiser for the Australian Indigenous Mentoring Experience aka AIME (I had the chance to do a cadetship with these guys a few years ago, and I can assure you they do great work to get Indigenous kids through high school and onto better things). Check out this year's hoodie below, and order yours here. (See original image & the story behind it via the Bega District News.)