NITV News temporarily moved to Dubbo and set up camp to broadcast live from the road for the 45th Koori Knockout. Here's what the team got up to, the characters they met and the stories they covered on the very special Indigenous rugby carnival.
Wednesday 28 Sep 2016

The Koori Knockout LIVE Stream

Watch NITV's live coverage of the Koori Knockout as the action ramps up!
NITV will be LIVE Streaming the Broadcast of the Koori Knockout Finals on Sunday, 2th October and Monday , 3th October from 9am - 6pm.[sbsondemand video="535676483557"]PLEASE NOTE: For the people watching from places in Australia other than NSW,...
Tuesday 6 Oct 2015
There's been a lot of anguish within the local Indigenous community here in Dubbo, after a letter was sent to social housing residents in the lead up to the Koori Knockout. The letter- which has been branded as 'racist' and 'condescending' - wa...
Friday 2 Oct 2015
Each year, thousands of people visit here, to see the elephants, Tigers, lions, and rhinos and other creatures that call this park home. But the zoo doesn't just cater for the tourist trade. The Walanmurra program has been set up to help Ind...
Thursday 1 Oct 2015
One of the Koori Knockout's founders is Bill Kennedy, better known as 'Jeep'. Kennedy speaks to NITV News about how this fabulous competition started in 1970 and how it has grown since. Kennedy also shares some great knockout memories.