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Prime Minister Scott Morrison's proposal to keep Australia Day and recognise Indigenous achievements on another date has been criticised as missing the mark.
Supporters wanted an upfront payment of $3.2 million for the girl who was left incapacitated by a massive electrical shock.
The event included original demonstrators who took part in the march and descendants of others.
Prime Minister Scott Morrison has declared Australia Day can be held on January 26 and still be 'respectful'.
The future of a national partnership on remote Indigenous housing is close to collapse after Nigel Scullion called out state counterparts for failing to commit to...
Origin Energy faces a grassroots campaign encouraging its consumers and shareholders to voice their opposition to 'fracking' in the Northern Territory.
Labor Senator Patrick Dodson has called out the 'absurdity' of appointing Tony Abbott as the special envoy for Indigenous affairs .

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The sporting legend launches a new carnival designed to encourage young Aboriginal athletes to play tennis and possibly find Grand Slam success.
The Adnyamathanha Traditional Lands Association is seeking to shut down a controversial coal project in the South Australia's north.
Former ATSIC chairman Geoff Clark and his wife have been charged with fraud offences.
Actor, writer and director Hunter Page-Lochard says colour blind casting is needed to showcase the talents of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander actors.
Campaign groups say authorities have retaliated to try and shut down the nationwide prison protest.
Children can be locked alone in cells for up to 23 hours a day and self harm is a regular feature of the youth justice system in New South Wales.
The Indigenous Advisory Council says finding out about Tony Abbott being offered the special envoy role through the media wasn't respectful.
The series is aimed at lifting literacy rates in remote communities.
Scott Morrison says he was appalled to hear of another alleged sexual assault of a child in the NT's Tennant Creek.
There was a ceremonial sitting, before the court began its first ever case in the Northern Territory.
The comments came at a protest outside parliament house over 21 years of 'inaction' since the Bringing Them Home Report.
How will Indigenous people be compensated for lost native title rights? Austraila's High Court will soon decide.
NSW prison staff did not receive physical training in the dangers of positional asphyxia for more than two years after David Dungay's death.
Aboriginal community members said the segment was false, misleading and damaging, and the television watchdog agrees.
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