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The furore caused by the comment began last weekend and since then the local Indigenous community has shown its support.
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The agreement between the Noongar people and the WA government covers land use in the state’s most populated region.
There’s no shortage of construction projects in the Torres Strait, but locals say it’s outside workers who often get the big jobs, and the big bucks.
Traditional Owners say if Origin Energy drills on their land it will destroy their way of life.
Labor senator Malarndirri McCarthy says the government was 'willfully blind' when voting on Pauline Hanson's controversial motion.
Kamilaroi man Daniel Love, who held in immigration detention on threat of deportation to PNG, is suing the Australian government.
A parliamentary committee is investigating Hawthorn Resources over its mining operations and allegations of intimidation and racial abuse.

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When someone takes their own life, what happens to the people they leave behind? That’s the question posed by Man with the Iron Neck.
How one Uluru statement recommendation - truth-telling - might work in the Australian context is being explored.
The Queensland government appoints Mick Gooda to a new role to help improve housing outcomes for Indigenous Australians.
The boy’s lawyer said the Centralian Advocate implied he was a criminal and a delinquent.
The public backlash intensifies over plans to advertise a horse race on the sails of the Sydney Opera House.
Blind and low-vision people in Melbourne will be among the first in the nation to have the new $50 banknote.
Hundreds of Aboriginal women across the east coast have had access to culturally safe maternity care thanks to some dedicated midwives.
Could a new court case curb the booming trade in 'fake' souvenirs?
Federal funding for remote housing expired in June with no new agreement signed.
Tony Abbott’s first visit to remote communities as special envoy of Indigenous affairs has been met with fierce opposition.
The ACT government says it is open to discussing a treaty process with Traditional Owners, but community members are cautious.
The former Vice Chief of the Defence Force will come out of retirement to lead the federal Department of Indigneous Affairs.
Before she became the show’s first Indigenous contestant Brooke Blurton won a very different kind of competition.
Tragically, this isn’t the first death in custody for the family of Murri man Shaun Coolwell. Three years after he died, his family don't know when the inquest...
Prime Minister Scott Morrison's proposal to keep Australia Day and recognise Indigenous achievements on another date has been criticised as missing the mark.
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The series is aimed at lifting literacy rates in remote communities.
The Executive Director of the Literacy for Life Foundation, Jack Beetson has slammed the education system for failing Aboriginal communities.
Geographical isolation is not only a major challenge for Indigenous women giving birth, but also for those studying to be their midwives.
A development at a university residential college will become the largest Indigenous tertiary residential program in Australia.
Tens of thousands of school children are being asked to swap a good book with their mates as part of a campaign to help improve literacy rates among Indigenous...
The West Australian state government has announced a new initiative aimed to improve the educational outcomes for students in the north-west.
Gamilaraay is an Aboriginal endangered language that is now being used in classrooms and spoken in communities more than it was 20 years ago.
Gardening and barista work: Aboriginal kids in remote communities are improving their literacy and numeracy skills with unique entreprenurial projects.
Twelve female Noongar students are bridging the gap in STEM careers by learning new technologies, thanks to an innovative learning project.
Oxford University has been accused of “social apartheid” after figures showed that nearly one in three colleges failed to admit a single black A-level student in...
Research suggests that as many as 50 per cent of new teachers leave the profession within the first five years. Numbers in remote and regional communities can be...
Over 85 per cent of adults from remote Indigenous communities in the Northern Territory do not have the ability to operate independently on literacy and numeracy...