• Bedevil, Black List on Black Friday (NITV)Source: NITV
BeDevil is a trilogy of ghost stories that follows characters pestered by visions - real, remembered and imagined. These contemporary tales travel from the sparseness of the outback, through the murky, rotting swamps of the islands, to the Brisbane docks in a stylish vision from writer/director Tracey Moffatt.

Tracy Moffatt bring together three tails of three stories and merges with horror to give a captivating conclusion. There is a bit of nostalgia which allows for the audience to be connected on another level which allows you to get into the fantacy of the stories.   

Tracy Moffatt's ability to merge the past to the present is amazing and this was a movie that was ahead of its time as movies like Pulp Fiction. 

I love this movie because Tracy is able to combine various genres and evokes feeling that stay with you.