3 Oct 2015 - 1:08 PM  UPDATED 3 Oct 2015 - 7:15 PM
Saturday 3 Oct 2015

Linda Burney MP there with bells on

 says WE OUT HERE!!!

NITV News' Danny Teece-Johnson capturing the moments

Good luck wishes

Looking good boys

The Junior competitions in the Koori Knockout are up of the under 12s, under 15s and unders 17s. Get all of the scores and next match-ups here.
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Rolling score updates across the weekend of all the men's and women's games at the 2015 Koori Knockout.
The NSW minister for tourism, major events and sport has sent his best wishes to the thousands of people attending the Koori Knockout in Dubbo this long weekend.
Stuart Ayres, the NSW minister for tourism, major events and sport, said he recognised the intrinsic value of Indigenous events to the wealth and cultural fabric of the first state in an exclusive Koori Knockout message to NITV. "It is great to...

NITV News has been on the road in Dubbo all week. Lewis Burns, a proud Tubba-Gah Wiradjuri man, welcomes NITV News to Dubbo on behalf of the Tubba-Ga Wiradjuri people.