He claims to have taken the screenshot of the photo on Snapchat and stands by the allegation that they originated the offensive 'spithood' hashtag that went viral.
Danny Teece-Johnson

The Point
9 Aug 2016 - 5:22 PM  UPDATED 9 Aug 2016 - 5:22 PM


Government urged to sign the UN’s Optional Protocol to the Convention against Torture at Don Dale vigil
Dozens of concerned Darwin residents have attended a candlelight vigil outside the Don Dale youth detention centre, calling for their release after being abused and tortured at the hands of corrections staff.
Calls to move 25 youths still in Don Dale after abuse claims
A candlelight vigil planned for outside Don Dale Youth Corrections Facility, the scene of of shocking footage of apparent abuses, will call for urgent intervention to move youths still being held at the facility.
Stan Grant delivers impassioned on Indigenous rights in the wake of Don Dale mistreatment
"This week we know what Australia looks like. This week Australia is a boy in a hood in a cell. This week Australia is Aboriginal boys tear gassed, locked down and beaten."

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