Detective Chinatown

1 season availableMandarin

When his dream to enter police academy falls over, brainy mystery-novel fan Qin is packed off from China to visit his cousin Tang in Bangkok. Tang is reputed to be a top detective in Chinatown, but when he arrives, he realises Tang is nothing more than a swindler. Yet when strange crimes start happening around Thailand, the unlikely pair team up to try and solve the cases.

S1 E1: Four Faced Buddha (Part 1)
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S1 E1: Four Faced Buddha (Part 1)
A paranormal suicide case happens in a high-class apartment in Bangkok. The CCTV show that before jumping off the building, the deceased performed a wish dance on the rooftop which was originally for a votive ceremony for the Four Faced Buddha.
Roy Chiu, Janine Chang, Chen Zhe Yuan, Zhang Yi Shang