La Unidad

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Carla is the head of the police investigation unit that keeps Islamic terrorism in check. When one of the police operations ends with the arrest of Al SalahGarheeb, the most wanted Jihadhist leader in the world, she will only be pleased for a few hours. As a result of his capture, Spain is to become the target of the threats made by Al Salah's followers; who are prepared to sacrifice their own lives to avenge his arrest and fall.

S1 E1: Episode 1
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S1 E1: Episode 1
During a routine operation in Melilla against an Islamist network devoted to recruiting young people to their cause, the Antiterrorist Unit of the Spanish Police unexpectedly catch Salah Al Gahreeb, an outstanding spiritual leader of ISIS.
Marian Alvarez, Nathalie Poza, Luis Zahera, Michel Noher