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This ground-breaking short documentary initiative shares the history, culture and language of Indigenous Australia through stories of elders, youth and communities.

S2019 E26: Deebing Creek
Catch Up
S2019 E26: Deebing Creek
A company plans to develop land around the former Deebing Creek Mission and cemetery, causing upset amongst the traditional owners who protest against the company to save their land.
Kimberley Benjamin, Cornel Ozies, Yurranydjil Dhurrkay, Sasha Sarago, Shiloh Jarrett, Viviana Petyarre, Daniel King, Vincent Lamberti, Tamara Whyte, Jillian Robinson, Lavene McKenzie, Kaylene Butler, Callan Murray, Casey Kickett, Janine Kelly, Pascoe Braun, Nara Wilson, Douglas Watkin, Nevanka McKeon, Chris Fitzpatrick, May Kabay, Gabrielle Fry and Edoardo Crismani, Jennifer Mason, Dylan Anderson, Nasona Pedro, Nigel Abbott, Patrina Munungurr, Darren Harris, Gutinarra Yunupinu, Mark Bin Bakar, Lavinia Ketchell, Lou Jayleigh, Sylvia Tabua, Dan Broun and Ruth Langford, Elijah Bravington, Kawia Sunia, Joel Brown, Anthony Ware, Paula Maling, Edoardo Crismani, Taryne Laffar, Terry Royan, Georgia Coles, Renee Ngandawarrkirr Wilson

26. Deebing Creek

A company plans to develop land around the former Deebing Creek Mission and cemetery, causing upset amongst the traditional owners who protest against the company to save their land.
Available until 21 November 2020

25. Taj Jamieson

Introducing the talented triple threat Taj Jamieson, this young Broome man can act, dance and he can sing.
Available until 4 November 2020

24. Aunty June Murray

This is the story of Aunty June Murray who grew up in a mission, worked as a domestic servant and helped her community. In 2019 at 91 years of age, she was awarded the Order of Australia.
Available until 19 November 2020

23. Aunty Barbara Simms - Our Lady Of Lapa

Aunty Barbara Simms is a well-known La Perouse Aboriginal elder, born and raised on the beaches of Lapa. A Bidjigal and Wadi Wadi woman, Aunty Barb is an active member of her community.
Available until 18 November 2020

22. Coming Home

Joel Brown, a Gunditjmara man, is heading home. He'll meet family, friends, see Country, and learn about family and his people's history.
Available until 18 February 2021

21. The 50,000-Year-Old Silk Road

The track from Oodnadatta to Marree is old, really old. It predates the Silk Road by about 50,000 years and was a traditional trade route for the Arabana people for over a thousand generations.
Available until 13 November 2020

20. Dunwich

The moment you step onto the grounds of Dunwich State School on North Stradbroke Island, you realise there's something special happening here.
Available until 8 January 2021

19. Why Me?

The inspiring and candid story of Carolynanha Johnson, a much-loved Adnyamathanha Elder, who talks about her diagnosis with cancer and how her story may help save the lives of others in her community.
Available until 7 February 2021

18. Nomad In The Saddle

Retired 75-year-old Aboriginal stockman, Matt Dawson, is too old to get back in the saddle so he shares stories of his connection to Country and the importance of sharing his language.
Available until 6 January 2021

17. Chris Robinson

Living in Stuttgart Germany, 54-year-old Aboriginal skateboarder Chris Robinson is raising two young children and has a unique style of parenting.
Available until 5 January 2021

16. Bumpa's Legacy

An inspiring story about the journey of a founding member of the Aboriginal Sobriety Group SA, Cyril 'Bumpa' Coaby, who has helped build the organisation from the ground up to help others in need.
Available until 1 January 2021

15. Cooking Kastom

A grandfather faces the struggle of maintaining his Alian Kastom to hunt, cook share and showcase cultural feastings. In an ever-changing landscape, will Cooking Kastom be possible in the future?
Available until 31 December 2020

14. Foreshore

Aboriginal people have gathered and hunted bush tucker as ceremony on the Foreshore for generations, but recent human impacts on the ecosystem are forcing Traditional owners to adapt.
Available until 30 December 2020

13. Aunty Thelma

It's not every day you come across an 83-year-old still working fulltime and living life to the fullest, but that's exactly what 2019 NAIDOC Award recipient Aunty Thelma Weston is doing.
Available until 30 October 2020

12. Star Girls

This story of -determination explores an Indigenous-led school program that's achieving real educational outcomes for the lives of disadvantaged kids from regional and remote Australia.
Available until 29 October 2020

11. Mikayla

Mikayla travels six hours a day from her island home to get an education and rarely misses a day of school. This doesn't surprise her friends, because this talented young leader has a bright future.
Available until 28 October 2020

8. Into The Future

The visionary people of Woorabinda are taking matters of community into their own hands and they're doing it their way and integrating culture into everyday life.
Available until 18 December 2020

7. The Keepers

The Ibarra brothers from Indigibee Bee Rescue open their backyards to share the wonderful world of native bees they rehabilitate and relocate using traditional Indigenous practices.
Available until 17 December 2020

6. A Living Legacy: Kaizi's Traditional Coconut Oil

Kaizi has been producing premium unrefined coconut oil for over 30 years. Now the owner of a thriving family business, Kaizi shares his family's story of continuing a cultural legacy.
Available until 16 December 2020

5. A Photographic Exploration

Lavene, a Wankangurru/Adnyamathanha woman, is stuck in Community life and the unrelenting demands of people until a chance encounter with a travelling mentor changes her direction.
Available until 15 December 2020

4. Rapping It Up

A day in the life of Carol George, a Wurundjeri/Bidawel singer-songwriter-rapper, YouTube sensation, mother of five and survivor of domestic violence, as she juggles motherhood and music-making.
Available until 11 December 2020

3. Chris's Torch

Gunditjamara man and artist Chris Austin has been in and out of prison all of his life. This time is the longest he's been out and it's because he's found a new path in The Torch programme.
Available until 10 December 2020

2. Inside Out

Artist Peter Waples-Crowe feels pushed to the outer of Aboriginal culture because he's queer. He tackles questions of identity, collaborates on genderless fashion and opens his solo exhibition.
Available until 9 December 2020

1. First Time Home

A young baby is introduced to her father's Yawuru Country for the first time. Guided by the spirit and voice of Country, baby Maya makes the journey from Melbourne to Broome with her parents.
Available until 8 December 2020