The Last Wave

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In this supernatural thriller, an ominous cloud meets a supersized wave during a surfing competition, engulfing the participants in one fell swoop. When the cloud dissipates and the water settles, the surfers are nowhere to be seen. Five hours later, they reappear safe and sound - but with no recollection of their disappearance. One by one, the returning surfers discover they each possess inexplicable powers.

S1 E1: Five O'clock
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S1 E1: Five O'clock
In Brizan, a quiet seaside resort in the French Landes, everything changes with the arrival of an ominous wave which, like a tsunami, causes the disappearance of surfers and disrupts the lives of the inhabitants.
David Kammenos, Marie Dompnier, Arnaud Binard, Lola Deware, Isabel Otero, Capucine Valmary, Gael Raes