The Optimists

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The early 1960s. The Soviet Union is experiencing a bright Khrushchev-era, full of hope. A group of young diplomats at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs come face to face with world-changing global events. Before long, these wide-eyed idealists find themselves deep in the breathtaking world of spy games, mortal dangers, and brilliant political maneuvering.

S1 E1: Episode 1
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S1 E1: Episode 1
1h 13m
1960. The Information and Analytical Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, created by Ruta Karlovna Blomane, is assigned a new chief. Grigory Biryukov previously worked at the International Department of the Central Committee of the CPSU, an...
Vladimir Vdovichenko, Severija Janusauskai, Artyom Bystrov, Egor Koreshkov