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Jérémy is 33 and lives a rather lonely life in Paris, never quite feeling as though he belongs. But through the Wonderland bar, he finds a way to travel back to 1960s Biarritz to meet Alice, a woman he falls in love with the instant he sees a photograph of her on the wall of the bar. In his travels back in time, the more he discovers about Alice, the more mystery he finds, changing their lives forever.

S1 E1: Episode 1
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S1 E1: Episode 1
At “The Wonderland”, a very 1960s-style club in 2019 Paris, hangs the photo of a woman so beautiful and mysterious it's to die for. What if Jeremy, sick of living in the 21st century, found a way to meet this woman in 1960 Biarritz?
Olga Kurylenko, Pierre Deladonchamps, Simon Abkarian, Barbara Schulz