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Pumpkin kibbeh (kibbet lakteen)

5m Available until 31 December 2029
Pumpkin kibbeh (kibbet lakteen)

"This recipe from our dear friend Lebanese home cook Judy Saba is a version of her mother’s recipe, made communally with relatives each year during the period of Lent. “Amidst stories, laughter and repeated recipe discussions I would watch them from my vantage point - eye level with the table, swiftly and perfectly moulding pumpkin and bulgur torpedo shapes, filling them witha mixture of sautéed greens sourced from their gardens and finishing them ready for a leap of faith into the pot of hot dancing oil. These are a true homage to my mother’s favourite phrase: The best meal is the one made wholly from what the earth yields”. This is a magnificent recipe that needs to be made and enjoyed all year!" Maeve O'Meara, Food Safari Earth