The Lawyer: Season 1 Episode 1
Episode 1

46m2018DenmarkAvailable until 31 December 2021
Episode 1

As kids, Frank and his adoptive sister Sara watched their parents die in a car bombing. The perpetrator was never caught, and the two siblings were split up to be raised in separate foster homes. Frank has matured into an ambitious defence attorney. But when offered a job by star lawyer Svend-Erik Wisén, Frank is quick to turn the position down. Contrary to Svend-Erik, whose moral flexibility has earned him the local crime boss Thomas Waldman as a client, Frank would much rather lose a case than bend or break the rules. Sara does not share her brother’s reverence for the law, despite having followed in her father’s footsteps to become a police officer. When Sara tracks down one of her father’s old colleagues, Jarnu, he tells them he is certain it was Thomas Waldman that killed their parents, long before he became the top criminal he is today.

David Berron
Malin Buska, Johannes Lassen
Violence, Drug references and/or drug use