Das Boot: Season 1 Episode 3
Episode 3

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Episode 3

As U-612 completes the first part of their mission, the crew is reeling from Willy’s tragic death. Despite avoiding battle, they still have a casualty on board and the men are quick to blame their new cargo, foreigner Samuel Greenwood. Hoffmann and Tennstedt’s relationship continues to strain as they disagree about the treatment of the passenger, but the pair are forced to put aside their issues as an enemy ship comes into radar and the practice drills are put to the test. Will they make it out alive? On land, a damaged U-boat is returning to shore and Gluck organizes a parade for the return of Captain Becker and his men. With the pressure increasing in La Rochelle, the resistance sees the perfect opportunity to make a daring move during the festivities, that could have a devastating impact on the lives of 100 French men, women and children. Duval and Forster continue their investigation into Jacqueline and her connections to the Spanish Civil War, whilst Simone does some digging of her own. Desperate for answers and armed with information from Carla, Simone makes a shocking discovery about her brother and must accept that her life has changed irrevocably as she plunges head first into the world of the resistance fighters.

Andreas Prochaska
Lizzy Caplan, August Wittgenstein, Rainer Bock
Violence, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts