Hoarders: Season 1 Episode 3
Kerrylea / Lauren

Factual, Documentary
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Kerrylea / Lauren

Kerrylea and her husband Geoffrey are facing imminent foreclosure on two houses. Kerrylea bought her West Seattle home years ago with her ex-husband. When her hoarding got to be too much for him he left with just a small suitcase, leaving her to deal with everything in the house. Over the years more and more things have accumulated. Lauren is a 27 year old hoarder whose relationship with her boyfriend has hit rock bottom. Her hoarding has taken over their entire town home. Her boyfriend Will started sleeping in another room so he could have a clean place to himself, but when Lauren's bedroom got too messy to sleep in she took over that room as well and has forced Will to sleep on a mattress in the living room. Lauren has been out of work for over a year because of her inability to stay organised.

Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts