Hoarders: Season 1 Episode 7
Jake / Shirley

Factual, Documentary
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Jake / Shirley

Jake wakes up every morning despondent at the state of his life. Most 21 year olds are out having fun and have a world of possibilities in front of them. However, Jake feels trapped; a prisoner to his hoarding and OCD. Jake compulsively hoards garbage. Snack wrappers, empty bottles, and rotting food are strewn in every room of the 2 bedroom town home he shares with his alcoholic father. Shirley has always been the kind of person who could never turn away a stray cat. She began being known in the area where she lives in New Mexico as a person who would take in any cat and people began to abandon cats near her property. The number of cats Shirley adopted and took into her home soon began to grow out of control. The cats began to reproduce and litters of cats could be found everywhere from the attic to the garage.

Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts