Hoarders: Season 1 Episode 6
Paul / Missy And Alex

Factual, Documentary
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Paul / Missy And Alex

Missy always dreamed of having the perfect life. When she had her two children she was excited at the prospect of all the wonderful things she could instill in them. She never dreamed that her hoarding tendencies would be the trait that her oldest son would acquire. On several occasions when Missy has tried to clean, her son has cried hysterically over things like a rusty chain and an old used cotton ball. A Mobile, Alabama judge first charged Paul with criminal littering in 2008 after numerous complaints from his neighbours. Since then, Paul has failed to meet three court ordered deadlines to clean his property. His 2 acre property is strewn with over twenty junk cars, thousands of pounds of scrap metal, a multitude of washing machines, rotting and decaying wood, and critters of all varieties making homes among his collection.

Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts