Hoarders: Season 1 Episode 5
Jennifer And Ron / Jill

Factual, Documentary
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Jennifer And Ron / Jill

Jennifer is a stay at home mum who lives every day in fear of child protective services coming and taking her kids away. Both she and her husband Ron, suffer from hoarding: Jennifer loves to shop and gets a thrill from getting a great steal, while Ron is unable to part with anything. They have been cited by the city on numerous occasions for the excessive junk in their front yard. During the last city inspection the inside of the home was also cited. According to our organiser Brendan McDaniel, Jill's home is the worst hoarder's home he has ever encountered; a 5 on the 1-5 Hoarding scale. Food in various stages of decay is stuffed among her 4 refrigerators and 2 freezers. Jill believes that even rotting food is useful. She likes to buy expired meat, milk and dented canned goods. The main refrigerator in the kitchen is often held shut by duct tape and a box of dented canned goods.

Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts