The Hunting: Season 1 Episode 1
Pics Or It Didn't Happen

52m2019EnglishAvailable until 31 July 2022
Pics Or It Didn't Happen

At West Park High, teachers Ray and Eliza discuss their school’s hard-line policies around sex and technology, and a burgeoning new romance soon begins between the two. When Ray finds a naked photo of diligent student Amandip (Dip) Dhaliwal on the phone of her new boyfriend Nassim Bitar, he decides to keep his students safe from repercussions and not report it. But, when he finds the photo has been uploaded to an illegal website, Ray is thrown into a spin. Meanwhile, at nearby Spencer High, sixteen year-old Zoe Hunt-Laskaris has been experimenting with online sex with popular, confident Andy Luke. Andy, however, has been recording their interactions - and is deeply involved with an online community of boys sharing images of their friends and peers online.

Sexual references and/or sex scenes, Coarse language, Nudity, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts