Hierro: Season 1 Episode 4
Episode 4

Episode 4

During a clandestine trip out of the island, Díaz discovers that Fran, just before he died, was trying to sell some valuable merchandise. He doesn’t know what kind of merchandise. And above all, he doesn’t know who was the partner from El Hierro who cooperated with him in the operation. This mysterious partner could be the murderer, because he is trying to get something from Fran’s environment (he broke into his and his mother’s houses…) Meanwhile, Candela feels the police investigation is progressing too slowly. The only person she trusts is Reyes. And in fact, the local police officer does discover (and us with her) who the murderer is. But she won’t live to tell the tale.

Violence, Sexual references and/or sex scenes, Coarse language, Drug references and/or drug use, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts