Hierro: Season 1 Episode 6
Episode 6

Episode 6

Reyes hasn’t been found, but the search operation leads to tracing down a sunk boat which will provide new clues. The boat was used for smuggling African diamonds, and was found by Fran in a diving excursion. Diamonds are the shady business he was involved in. Candela cannot accept defeat in the search for Reyes, or the slowing down in the speed of the investigation as a result of the Descent, a religious festivity that paralyzes the island every four years. Desperate, she tries to get Díaz’s cooperation, who is also vent on finding the real culprit. The murderer feels the investigation is closing down on him. He considers fleeing, but he hasn’t found the diamonds hidden by Fran yet. And he diverts attention to everyone’s ideal false culprit – Díaz.

Coarse language, Drug references and/or drug use, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts