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Chicago is revealed through the memories and stories of the people who live there - primarily a select few, drawn from the regulars at The Old Town Ale House, one of Chicago’s most iconic bars. Why the Old Town Ale House? Because every night, all walks of life, rich and poor, black and white, young and old, pass through its doors for a cold beer and intelligent conversation, or maybe just the beer. Bruce Cameron Elliott, owner of The Old Town Ale House, is an infamous artist and blogger - and he’s always up for a friendly drink when Tony is in town. Tony and Bruce head over to Valoise - the legendary cafeteria joint in Hyde Park. If you are a local politician running for office, here is where you’d better go for some hand shaking and baby holding. Opened in 1921, Valois is where Chicagoans from all walks of life are sure to be eating. Leaving the crowd at The Old Town Ale House, Tony visits another local institution, Second City, to get a taste of the Chicago comedy scene. Second City has produced some of the most influential and well-known comics working today, and Paul Jurewicz is part of the current main stage ensemble. Paul takes Tony for backstage tour, and then a late night dinner at Longman and Eagle to talk about the perils of a life in comedy.

Coarse language