The Longest Day In Chang'an: Season 2 Episode 1
Episode 1

38m2019ChineseAvailable until 28 February 2022
Episode 1

With his eyes gouged out, He Fu is locked up with Li Bi. Li Bi questions him about whether He Zhizheng was behind the plot to assassinate Lin Jiulang. He Fu tells him to ask He Zhizheng himself. Long Bo sends Wen Ran to kill Li Bi, who in desperation says that he is the only person that can make sure that Zhang Xiaojing stays alive, but he must be allowed to return to Peacekeeper Corps. Li Bi lists some of He Fu’s crimes, He Zhizheng tries to protect He Fu, and Li Bi wants to know whether it was He Zhizheng or the Crown Prince behind everything.

Violence, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts