Episode 4

45m2019SpanishAvailable until 31 October 2022
Episode 4

Although it involves delaying the appeal and being at least two more years locked in the corridor, Pablo decides to go ahead with the new line of inquiry. Waxman requests DNA tests to prove that Willian Ortiz is one of the murderers of the crimes of Miramar. The results, however, are a jug of cold water and discard Ortiz as responsible of the crimes of Miramar. Waxman returns to the original plan and requests the appeal. The wait is eternal, but when they receive the news that it has been accepted, joy invades Pablo and Tanya. More than twenty years later, Pablo has a new opportunity to prove his innocence. But not everyone wants it to be and Mike Rowland, the attorney in the case, already retired, is calling for his reinstatement to prevent him from being released. Pablo plays his life in one last trial that will mark his future forever.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, Marise Alvarez, Ramon Agirre
Coarse language, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts