Episode 1

50m2019SpanishAvailable until 31 October 2022
Episode 1

After an injury playing jai alai, Pablo returns to Miami. There he meets Tanya, a young woman with which he begins a relationship. He is also reunited with old friends related to the gang world. One night, Fabio and Lucho ask him to accompany them to collect a debt for a drug matter. The police intervene and arrest Pablo. At the police station, one of the detectives watches Pablo closely and compares his face to a photo of one of the suspects in Miramar's crimes, a triple homicide that shocked the city days ago. His resemblance is more than reasonable and, though Tanya claims that the night of the murders was with her, Pablo ends up behind bars accused of a crime from which he will have to prove that he is innocent.

Miguel Angel Silvestre, Marise Alvarez, Ramon Agirre
Violence, Sexual references and/or sex scenes, Coarse language, Drug references and/or drug use, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts