We Got This: Season 1 Episode 1
The Cat Is In The Bag But The Bag Is In The River

Drama, Comedy
44m2020SwedenAvailable until 31 March 2023
The Cat Is In The Bag But The Bag Is In The River

George English, an American immigrant living in Sweden, struggles with the recent death of his father, the collapse of his career and a sudden tax debt that he can’t afford to pay. After stumbling into the unsolved murder of former prime minister Olof Palme, by way of a crazy old cat lady, his wife Sofia informs him of the fact that there is a 50 million Swedish Crown reward for anyone who can solve the case. His best friend Alex tries to reason with him after George begins to imagine that solving the Palme murder could be the answer to all of his problems.

English, Swedish
Schiaffino Musarra, Alexander Karim, Olle Sarri, Anki Larsson
Coarse language, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts