Detective Chinatown: Season 1 Episode 4
Four Faced Buddha (Part 4)

1h 2m2016Mandarin
Four Faced Buddha (Part 4)
1h 2m

Following the clues offered by Pei Shan, Lin Mo is back to square one. He re-investigates the paranormal events that happened to the three girls and draws an astonishing conclusion. Lin Mo and Sasha return to the school and are told that the four girls once made wishes to the Four Faced Buddha, but ten years later, only Ah Shui lived a happy life, while the other girls were all miserable. The incidents started with the reunion party where Ah Shui gave others expensive gifts, which were later considered as a shame by the three.

Roy Chiu, Janine Chang, Chen Zhe Yuan, Zhang Yi Shang
Horror or supernatural themes, Violence, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts