The Assassination Of JFK

Factual, Documentary
1h 7m2021English
The Assassination Of JFK
1h 6m

Few events reverberate as far around the world and for so long as the 1963 assassination of one of the most charismatic, promising, popular presidents in US history. Everyone alive at the time, almost everywhere on the planet, remembers hearing the news, and John F. Kennedy's death shook America to its very core. With the assassination still plagued by conspiracy theories and contradictory evidence, this richly dramatic new documentary reconstructs the exact timeline in minute-by-minute forensic detail of the fateful events of November 22nd, 1963. Intercut from the three different perspectives of Jackie Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald and secret service agent, Roy Kellerman, this stylishly told documentary is a fresh new perspective on JFK.

United Kingdom
Violence, Adult themes and/or dangerous stunts