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Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark

Documentary Feature
1h 34m 2014USAAvailable until 25 January 2021
Nat King Cole: Afraid Of The Dark
1h 34m

At a time when black Americans were still suffering segregation and prejudice, Nat King Cole broke through the race barrier, becoming the only black television star in The US, with a weekly primetime show acknowledging his unique natural talent. Through extensive archives and his private journals, together with exclusive interviews with his widow, Maria Cole, and other family members, the true story is told of the man whose charm and genius for performance made him a role model and a pinnacle of American cultural society. Fellow artists George Benson, Harry Belafonte, Johnny Mathis and Tony Bennett, among many others, provide the anecdotes of this pioneering artist who crossed the colour barrier, appealing to white and black audiences in equal measure. (From the US) (Documentary) (Arts) G CC

Jon Brewer
Maria Cole, Tony Bennett, Harry Belafonte, Aaron Neville, Nancy Wilson