Deep Water: The Real Story

Factual, Documentary
1h 28m2016EnglishAvailable until 30 April 2022
Deep Water: The Real Story
1h 28m

In this stunning feature-length documentary, individual stories are woven together to explore a spate of violence and crime, which bloodied Sydney's coastline in the 1980s and 1990s. Disturbing gang assaults were being carried out on coastal cliffs around Sydney, and mysterious deaths officially recorded as 'suicide', 'disappearance' and 'misadventure'. Survivors, witnesses, families of victims and many of those involved at the time including ex-police, investigative journalists, forensic pathologists and the ex-Deputy State Coroner are now candidly speaking out on the events of the past in the hope that new evidence might rise to the surface. (Commissioned by SBS) (Documentary) (Class. tba) CC

Coarse language