Hate Thy Neighbour: Season 1 Episode 5
Britain's Everyday Extremism

Factual, Documentary
45m2016EnglishAvailable until 30 September 2022
Britain's Everyday Extremism

Jamali comes home to Britain to confront the country's most deep-rooted fears about their future, and Britain's acceptance of multiculturalism and racism in the shadow of Brexit. In June 2016, 52 percent of the UK population voted to leave the EU, a historic vote which split the country in two and fuelled the ongoing debate about race, religion and immigration. He meets members of the infamous English Defence League (EDL) , an anti-Islamic, anti-immigrant hate group who are known in the media for their alcohol fuelled get-togethers. Dispirited and eager to see where all of this xenophobia and hatred is directed, Jamali also visits the Calais 'jungle', where he chats to refugees as the camp is demolished around them.

United Kingdom
Coarse language