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    A world of daring stories - Dateline is an award-winning current affairs program bringing you the unexpected from every corner of the globe.

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Latest Episodes

Dateline 23/2/16 - Kids Gone Wild

Children are running wild in the mud, climbing high into trees and playing with knives, but no one is telling them off. This is kindergarten… Danish..

  • Upload23 Feb 2016

  • Duration11 Minutes

  • Download44MB

Medieval Fight Club: The Australians fighting back in time

Dateline follows the Australian team to the Battle of the Nations - a modern-day re-enactment of medieval fighting that draws competitors from across the world.

  • Uploaded21 Apr 2015

  • Duration15 Minutes

  • Download60MB

Welcome to Riace: The town that wants more immigrants

Over 60,000 migrants have landed in Italy in the last 12 months, but while they’re being shunned by many, one town is welcoming them with open arms.

  • Uploaded17 Mar 2015

  • Duration10 Minutes

  • Download39MB

Date with the Devil

Possessed by the devil or just deluded? Here's another chance to see Dateline's look at the increasing demand for exorcisms in Italy, with a rare opportunity to film one taking place.

  • Uploaded11 Nov 2014

  • Duration17 Minutes

  • Download69MB

No Rules School

Dateline visits a school with no rules, but is the kids' playtime chaos good for learning or has the principal gone too far?

  • Uploaded21 Oct 2014

  • Duration12 Minutes

  • Download46MB

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