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This week Joey and Aki talk about cyber bullying and why online trolling is 'disgusting'. They feel very strongly about this. The duo first talk about how bad the new Netflix Anime, Neo Yokio, is and then talk about how Death Note was also bad, which leads to the topic of cyber-bullying and trolling. Joey and Aki explain that after Netflix released the Death Note movie, its Director got such bad backlash online, including death threats, that he had to go off Twitter. Aki is exceptionally infuriated by this behaviour; she says this is what she hates about fandoms, the extremists who think content is more important than treating a person like a human being. She thinks death threats are much lower than any bad content he could've created. Joey is angry about it too, he says you can complain or criticise a person's work but you don't criticise that person, for being a person. Unfortunately their are people who think witch-hunting a Director online is necessary and Joey and Aki think it's disgusting. They're saying Neo Yokio is a bad Anime, but aren't saying any of the creators or voice actors involved are bad people. It's never ok, so just don't do it.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2017 - 09:33
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