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This week Joey and Aki go through a list of the top 100 anime of all time, as voted by you guys. Joey compiled a list from 634, 000 votes and the duo discuss their thoughts on the rankings. 'Free' came in at 100, the first Ghibli movie sat at number 56, which was 'Howl's Moving Castle'. 'Yuri On Ice' came in at 25. 'One Punch Man' was 10 and for the top 5, 'Attack on Titan' was 5, 'Death Note' 4, 'Your Name' 3, 'Boku No Hero Academia' at 2 and 'Full Metal Alchemist' came in at number one. Joey and Aki have a lot of opinions on the list and give you their top 5. We want you to join in and let us know yours!

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