Get to know SBS PopAsia's new radio host!

What got you in to K-Pop?

I grew up listening to first generation K-Pop groups like H.O.T, Shinwha, G.O.D and Sechskies. Even though I was in Australia I wanted to experience the K-Pop world because it's the root of where I was from. 

Did you always want to be an idol? 

To be honest, no. I've always wanted to be like Michael Jackson; a solo artist, and a world famous musician. My parents really love music, especially my dad, he used to collect so many tapes, LPs, videos, and one day he recommended a video for me to watch. It was Michael Jackson's concert tour in 1992. As soon as I got my eyes on that video, my goal was clear about who I wanted to become. 

What was it like being in ZE:A?

Well, the best part is that I have eight brothers in Korea. I've learned a lot from them, whenever someone needs something we are always there for each other.

Also getting to meet fans from around the world. Even today I'm so thankful for all the fans out there supporting us.

Who's your favourite boy, and girl, group at the moment?

Hmm... at the moment, for the girl group, I would say BLACKPINK because I love their music and their fashion style is very trendy in Korea. For the boy group, actually it's a solo artist; Jay Park. I just love his music, choreos, fashion, all of it. Just amazing.

What's your favourite K-Pop song?

This song was released last year (2016) but is still on my playlist. It's Jay Park's "Aquaman."

What's your hidden talent?

Impersonation. I've done it few times on Korean TV shows and radios. 

What do you like to do in your spare time?

Watch movies; catching up on all the missed movies. Drawing, I love to draw wherever and whenever I have time. And cook, I JUST LOVE FOOD, so I started looking up all the recipes and cooking shows and made so many dishes for our members while we were living together at the dorm, and they loved it all.

Which artists inspire you?

Michael Jackson. I still watch his music videos. His music is just amazing.

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