BIGBANG's ‪#‎Seungri‬ dropped another teaser image (lucky we can’t get enough) today promoting his forthcoming mini album "Let’s Talk About Love". He also left a loooooong msg to fans about the title track “Gotta Talk to U”...
14 Aug 2013 - 1:09 PM  UPDATED 14 Aug 2013 - 1:15 PM

BIGBANG’s Seungri dropped yet another teaser image (lucky we can’t get enough) today for his forthcoming solo mini album "Let’s Talk About Love". He also posted this message to fans on his Facebook page, introducing his upcoming title track “Gotta Talk to U”… about love? #justguessing

"I’m introducing you to this album’s title track, ‘Gotta Talk to U’. Do you remember my first solo debut? You’ll probably remember a 20 year old guy wearing a suit and performing a risque choreography with female dancers for a song called ‘Strong Baby’. However, it felt slightly lacking, as if a child was imitating an adult… Even now, when I look back on that video, I still can’t rid of myself of that feeling. Since then, 4 years, a long time as passed. There has been a lot of happenings in my life. A lot of stuff that I can’t explain all in words… Now, I want to try to create a character that can appeal to female fans as a man. As I know fully well that a different color must be presented to survive among the competition with other male solo artists, it must be different. So I tried to find a voice that I’ve never tried out before. Starting from the very first line of ‘Gotta Talk to U’, you’ll be able to feel a voice that is completely different from my previous style of singing. Before I became a part of Big Bang, I was a dancer. Maybe it’s because of this that the music I pursue, whether it be fast or slow, is music that can be danced to. Ham Seung Chun and Kang Wook Jin, who composed and arranged ‘Gotta Talk to U’, are composers who have experience as club DJs. Thanks to those two, who know better than anyone about what kind of beat and sound must be heard for people to get excited, ‘Gotta Talk To U’ has been made a song that won’t feel awkward no matter where it’s played. Hit daebak ‘Gotta Talk to U’!"

Not long now until the album is out on August 19th! Excited?