You've seen this kooky kid on SBS PopAsia TV interviewing some of the hottest Asian pop acts on the planet - yeah? Find out more reasons to be his BFF here...
26 Aug 2013 - 5:54 PM  UPDATED 12 Sep 2013 - 4:47 PM

Yo PopAsians, if you haven't seen me on SBS PopAsia TV (mostly sneaking around backstage and occasionally tricking my way into interviewing the BEST Asian pop stars in the world!) then you may have seen one of my PopAsia 101s on different Asian artists each week on Youtube, or heard one of my Anime Minutes (a minute is NEVER enough time to talk about ALL of my faves!!). Ahem. Moving on... here are my top 8 favourite things..

Favourite Asian Pop Track - Ringo Shiina - Vogue. Ringo is one of the most unique singers in Asia. Her voice can go from hard rock to sugary pop in a beat or two. Vogue is a track that mixes all of that together. CHECK IT!

Favourite Asian Pop Band - Has to be Girls' Generation. I'm such a SONE it's not even funny. If I ever did interview them I would for real faint. Runner up is EXO for laughing at my PopAsia 101 rap about them.

Favourite Anime Character - THIS QUESTION IS TOO HARD. Ok.. Kanji Tatsumi from Persona 4: The Animation. Fans of the game and the anime will agree.. his character is hilarious.

Favourite Asian Pop Star - HyunA. Because she.. she called me cute. I'll never forget it. SORRY KYARY YOU BETTER STEP YOUR GAME UP.

Favourite Dance Move – I have what's known as "Gangly-And-Out-Of-Time-itis".  So you know... I don't really dance.

Favourite Food - Pizza. C'mon, who hates pizza?

Favourite Movie - The Cornetto Trilogy. ..ok that's 3 movies.. I'll say Hot Fuzz then.

Favourite Guilty Pleasure - My secret HyunA fanfics. Haha just kidding! .. or am I? I don't even know anymore. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯